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Wonderfruits represents the epitome of specialty fruits in sunny Singapore. What separates us from big name supermarkets is that, we are avid fruit eaters ourselves! This means that’s there’s passion in choosing the best of suppliers worldwide for you. We’ve tried and tasted many fruits coming from all corners of the globe. Only the best is chosen for your tastebuds. 


A little background on us founders, Daryl and Esther are the brains and operators behind Wonderfruits. We started selling via Facebook and realise that we are clearly not alone in wanting to enjoy such delectable fruits. Our tastebuds are definitely not alone in having this strong urge to enjoy the fresh and best air flown fruits.


Truly we have realised that despite living in this almost perfect island, unfortunately, we don’t get to enjoy the delicious fruits the world has to offer. Even our friends across the causeway have such ample land and mountainous regions to have such big farms and grow all sorts of fruits which require various climates.


Taking this into account, we embarked on a journey to select the best of fruit suppliers globally. We’ve tried and tested many suppliers and have decided to carefully work only with a chosen few honest companies.


When you shop with Wonderfruits, you’re enjoying specially curated air flown fruits. What’s special about us is that each fruit is specially chosen and only the best and most fresh is being sold to you.


This is something supermarkets definitely cannot afford due to purchasing in bulk and having to maintain a healthy profit margin. Hence you’re not really getting top notch quality from the local supermarkets. Rest assured Wonderfruits are here to provide the best and most scrumptious fruits the world has to offer.


The fruits are airflown from all over the world. From the beautiful farms in Ecuador to the fruits carefully grown in the cold climate of Korea, we deliver the most scrumptious fruits organically grown directly to you.


We offer next day delivery on all of the orders. Starting from a low delivery fee of simply $7.99, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits the very next day! Orders above $80 will enjoy free delivery. Hence, it is recommended to stock up on these lovely air-flown fruits and you’ll be able to utilise the free delivery option 👌


Shopping with Wonderfruits ensures that right down to the Farmers are taken care off. We do not work with suppliers with a bad track record.


Rest assured you’ll have a wonderful experience enjoying the fruits from the wonders of the world, wonderfully chosen by Wonderfruits 😉😆



If you have any questions feel free to contact us via Facebook, we would be most happy to assist you 😊



Thank You,

Wonderfruits 🍇 🍈 🍉